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E-Type Bolt Kit - SUPER Kit - 6-cylinder

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AN INSANE AMOUNT OF NUTS AND BOLTS FOR YOUR E-TYPE - at a GREAT BULK PRICE! Assembled from SUPER-HEAVY-DUTY Grade 8, gold-zinc and black-anodized bolts - and Grade 5 washers and nylon locknuts - all of the correct thread and length - by guys who build E-Types all-day, every day! There are over 500 pieces (weighing over 9 lbs!) in this kit! - covering the assembly of much, if not most of, the 6-cylinder Series 1, 1.5, and 2 E-Type Chassis - for Coupes, Roadsters, and 2+2's!

We just added several new kits - THIS IS EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!!!

This package contains EVERYTHING you need to install ALL of the sub-assemblies in the following list - assemble and attach the frame rails, large bolts and nuts for the reaction plate, attach rear ends of torsion bars to reaction plate, attach gearbox mounting plate to the body shell, attach the bonnet hinges to the bonnet and frame rails, everything to install the IRS cage assembly, attach the radius arm safety straps, attach the doors to the shell, attach the window channels and window regulators inside the doors, hang the entire exhaust system, mount the pedal boxes and brake booster to the shell (plus everything needed to mount the blanking plates on the other side!), mount fuel pump, mount boot lid hinges to the body shell and the boot lid itself, attach intake manifold to engine, AND carbs to manifold, AND air cleaner to carbs - that is everything that our "Master KIT" includes.

THIS SUPER KIT ALSO HAS - engine to engine mounts, engine mounts to frame rails, front and rear sway bars to the body, steering rack to steering rack mounts, steering rack mounts to the frame rails, upper and lower front suspension control arms and brackets to the frame rails, bellhousing to engine block, driveshaft to gearbox, driveshaft to rear differential, and much, much moreI

ALL Components in the kit are MADE IN THE USA - - it is all ABSOLUTE TOP QUALITY!!! When shells are restored here in our shop, we assemble them with these bolts when the original bolts are unavailable or unrestorable. These are a combination of gold zinc and black-anodized bolts, and we use these on all cars - as do several of the top restoration shops that we supply. These are GRADE 8 bolts, with 6 lines on the bolt heads to prove it (you always add 2 to determine the grade...), NOT Grade 5 (or even lower...) like the other kits out there - they SUPER STRONG! IN FACT - we GUARANTEE THESE BOLTS AGAINST BREAKAGE FOR LIFE!!!

DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR AND GRAB THIS KIT NOW! Everything on an E-Type is fine-thread, and the correct bolts are tough to find locally - if not impossible! We have worked out the correct threads, lengths, and even the correct shoulder-to-thread ratio to make sure that these are RIGHT! This kit will save you an UNBELIEVABLE amount of time scrounging around for a bolt that even "works" - let alone is correct! And forget trying to re-use rusty bolts with mangled threads and worn-out lock-nuts - that is ALL eliminated with this kit! It's not even fair... - where was this kit when I built MY E-Type years ago!?! Grab one - you WON'T be sorry - I GUARANTEE IT 110%!!!

ALL 528+ PIECES shown in photo #1 - PLUS ALOT MORE!!! - which is broken down by sub-kits in the following photos as follows:

Photo 1 - This is a photo of our "Master Kit" - it is OVER 528 pieces. Starting with the largest pile, which is the frame rail kit, and going clockwise: frame rails, door hinges, IRS mounting, exhaust mounting, front and rear sway bar mounting, BONUS pile, Bonnet hinge mounting, and the large locknut assortment in the center. The Master kit is everything in this photo, plus the sway bar bolts front and rear and a pile of "extras". THIS SUPER KIT is everything in this pile in Photo #1, PLUS the sway bar bolts front and rear, plus the extras, plus everything in photos 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, PLUS more - and it's ALL Grade 8 bolts!!!

Photo 2 - the frame rail assembly and mounting kit - includes the bolts necessary to bolt the frame rails to the body shell at the firewall, and also the bolts necessary to bolt the frame rails, picture frame, and bonnet carrier together in the front. All of those bolts are gold zinc as they should be on all but the VERY earliest E-Types. It also includes the 4 larger bolts for attaching the inner, lower rear section of the frame rails to the main floor runners of the body shell, and which also attach the reaction plate to the frame rails. Those 4 bolts are black-anodized, and will blend in nicely with the darker, undercoated lower portion of the car. Plus 2 bonus bolts for attaching the brake line brackets. This kit is COMPLETE!!!

Photo 3 - the IRS mounting kit - includes everything needed to bolt the Metalastik IRS mounts to the IRS cage, and to bolt the same mounts to the chassis legs of the monocoque body shell.

Photo 4 - the Bonnet Hinge mounting kit - long, fully-threaded bolts for mounting the aluminum hinge blocks to the bonnet - with SUPER THICK washers, plus the correct bolts and lock washers for mounting the same aluminum blocks to the bonnet carrier bracket at the pivot point.

Photo 5 - the exhaust mounting kit - includes everything needed to mount the Metalastik exhaust mounts to the body shell, and to mount the muffler assembly to those mounts - plus all of the required resonator mounting hardware!

Photo 6 - the door hinge mounting kit - includes everything needed to bolt the door hinges to the monocoque body shell - and now includes 5 sets of bolts and washers for each side to cover 4-bolt and 5-bolt hinges - ALL E-Types!

Photo 7 - the "locknut assortment" - 122 hard-to-get SAE fine-thread nylon locknuts in assorted sizes used on the E-Type chassis, plus some Grade 8 fine-thread nuts and lock washers!

Photo 8 - front suspension - the additional nuts, bolts, and washers to attach the front suspension control arms to the frame rails. Some of this is accomplished with the bolts in the Frame Rail kit above, as the bolts do double duty by holding the frame rails together AND holding in the suspension mounting blocks. This little kit is the extra stuff needed to complete the job.

Photo 9 - steering rack - the nuts, bolts, and washers needed to attch the steering rack to the mounts, and the mounts to the frame rails. NOTE: There is a little spacer between the mount and the frame rails on each side - save the original and re-use it.

Photo 10 - engine mounts - mount the engine to the Metalstik engine mounts, and the engine mounts to the frame rails.

Photo 11 - bellhousing - long, and super-strong Grade 8 bolts to attach the bellhousing to the engine block, and the little steel brackets hanging below the block, and to attach the starter to the bellhouing.

Photo 12 - driveshaft - Grade 8 super-strong bolts to attach the driveshaft to the flanges at the rear of the gearbox and front of the IRS.

MORE!!! - an additional pile of EXTRA bolts, nuts, and washers to do all sorts of additional tasks (see list above)! PLUS - for a limited time I am throwing in even MORE stuff I have managed to source recently - including the bolts to mount the front and rear sway bars, etc. These will all be "officially" added to this kit soon, but then the prices are going up - grab the kit including these now for FREE!

We also sell all of the "sub-kits" included in this SUPER HUGE kit separately, but this is a BARGAIN PRICE for ALL of them!

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