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E-Type Bolt Kit - Engine Frame Rails - 6-cylinder

E-Type Bolt Kit - Engine Frame Rails - 6-cylinder

  • $52.00

E-Type Series 1, 1.5, & 2 - all 6-cylinder - Frame Rail Bolt Kit

This package contains everything you need to assemble and install your engine frame rails, front crossmember (picture frame), and bonnet carrier bracket onto your E-Type. - when shells are restored here in our shop, we are constantly looking for the correct bolts to assemble and attach the frame rails to the body shell. After finally finding the correct bolts, we are now offering a kit for you to assemble your frame rails as well. These are gold-zinc and black-anodized bolts - we use these on all E-Types. These are GRADE 8, and MADE IN THE USA - with 6 lines on the bolt heads (you always add 2 to determine the grade...), NOT Grade 5 like the other various bolt kits out there - they are SUPER STRONG!

This package includes ALL PIECES shown in photo #1 - 20 long bolts, 26 short bolts, 2 LARGE reaction plate bolts and nuts(which are NOT included in any other lower-quality E-Type frame rail bolt kits...), 2 medium rear lower mounting bolts and nuts, plus all necessary flat washers, lock washers, and nylon locknuts. All bolts and nuts are the correct original specification fine thread.

The kit includes the bolts necessary to bolt the frame rails to the body shell at the firewall, and also the bolts necessary to bolt the frame rails, picture frame, and bonnet carrier together in the front. All of those bolts are gold zinc as they should be on all but the VERY earliest E-Types. It also includes the 4 larger bolts for attaching the inner, lower rear section of the frame rails to the main floor runners of the body shell, and which also attach the reaction plate to the frame rails. Those 4 bolts are black-anodized, and will blend in nicely with the darker, undercoated lower portion of the car. Plus 2 bonus bolts for attaching the brake line brackets. This kit is COMPLETE!!!


Take a look at our E-Type MASTER KIT - over 9 POUNDS of Grade 8 Hardware for an incredible price!

Multiple bolt kit purchases CAN be combined and shipped together in ONE Small Flat Rate box to save on Shipping!

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