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E-Type Bolt Kit - Door Hinge

E-Type Bolt Kit - Door Hinge

  • $16.00

Jaguar E-Type - ALL Series - Door Hinge Bolt Kit

This package contains 10 bolts, washers, and lock washers to install your door hinges to the body of your E-Type! - when shells are restored here in our shop, we assemble the door hinges with these bolts - you CANNOT FIND BETTER bolts for this purpose! These are gold-zinc plated bolts, which are correct for E-Types, and we use these on all cars. These are GRADE 8, and MADE IN THE USA, with 6 lines on the bolt heads (you always add 2 to determine the grade...), NOT Grade 5 like the other various bolt kits out there - they are SUPER STRONG!

DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR and just buy these right now so you will have them when the time comes - because not having the right thing will stop you dead in your tracks!

NOTE #1! - the original door hinge bolts were tapered to a point on the end to make it easier to get them in there. We do not find it necessary to do this - just take your time and don't get impatient - you should have someone holding the door while you thread them in there anyway! OR - you can always taper them yourself with a grinding wheel or angle grinder...

NOTE #2! - 2+2's and V-12's have the same bolts as the short wheelbase cars, except there are 5 on each side instead of 4. WE NOW INCLUDE 10 bolt and washer sets in all kits - if you only need 8, the other two can be used elsewhere.

NOTE #3! - these are the bolts that attach the door hinge to the body of the car, they are NOT for bolting the door hinge to the door! That takes a special bolt with a special head, and we do not have a source for those at this time - sorry.

This package includes ALL 24 PIECES shown in photo #1 - 8 bolts, 8 flat washers, and 8 lock washers. All bolts and nuts are the correct original specification fine thread.

Take a look at our E-Type MASTER KIT - over 9 POUNDS of Grade 8 Hardware for an incredible price!

Multiple bolt kit purchases CAN be combined and shipped together in ONE Small Flat Rate box to save on Shipping!

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