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E-Type Bolt Kit - Fine Thread Locknut Assortment

E-Type Bolt Kit - Fine Thread Locknut Assortment

  • $24.00

Jaguar E-Type - ALL Series - Fine Thread Locknut Kit

This package contains an assortment of Grade 5 fin thread Nylon locknuts, and Grade 8 fine thread nuts and lock washers - which are used ALL OVER THE PLACE on your E-Type! - I finally got tired of scrounging around for the right thing as far as nuts and bolts were concerned, and have finally started purchasing the RIGHT nuts and bolts for E-Types in high volume - and we are now offering kits to help with YOUR restoration!

DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR and just buy these right now so you will have them when the time comes - because not having the right thing will stop you dead in your tracks during assembly and it's REALLY aggravating!

This package includes ALL 122 PIECES shown in photo #1. Details of the bolts in the photo are as follows:

Pile 1 - 50 pieces - 5/16" fine thread nylon lock nuts - Grade 5. These are used ALL OVER the place - frame rail assembly, IRS attachment, IRS cage assembly itself, exhaust attachment, soft top frame attachment, boot lid hinges, radius arm safety straps, steering rack mounts, sway bar mounting, can be used to attach the intake manifold, carbs, etc. - LOTS of places!

Pile 2 - 20 pieces - 1/4" fine thread nylon lock nuts - Grade 5. Also used in many places - firewall blanking plates, on soft top assembly, inside doors for internal mechanism attachment, brake dust shields, etc.

Pile 3 - 12 pieces - 3/8" fine thread nylon lock nuts - Grade 5. Not as common, but you'll need some - more common on engine accessories, rear axle half shafts, etc.

Pile 4 - 20 pieces - 5/16" fine thread black anodized nuts - Grade 8 - heavy duty fine thread nuts that will come in handy in many places on the engine and many other places on the car where nylon lock nuts were not originally used - intake manifold and carbs, etc.

Pile 5 - 20 pieces - 5/16" black anodized lock washers - Grade 8 - heavy-duty lock washers to compliment the nuts in pile 4 - use with those nuts, or many other places on the E-Type - referred to as "spring washers" by the factory - used on intake manifold and carbs, etc.

Multiple bolt kit purchases CAN be combined and shipped together in ONE Small Flat Rate box to save on Shipping!

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