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E-Type Bolt Kit - Exhaust Mounting

E-Type Bolt Kit - Exhaust Mounting

  • $24.00

Jaguar E-Type - Series 1, 1.5, & 2 - Exhaust System Mounting Bolt Kit

This package contains everything you need to HANG your E-Type exhaust system from the rubberized Metalastik mounts at the mufflers and resonators. - when shells are restored here in our shop, we are constantly looking for the correct bolts! After finally finding EXCELLENT bolts for E-Type restorations, we are now offering bolt kits. These are gold-zinc plated bolts - we use these on all E-Types. These are GRADE 8, and MADE IN THE USA - with 6 lines on the bolt heads (you always add 2 to determine the grade...), NOT Grade 5 like the other various bolt kits out there - they are SUPER STRONG!

This package includes ALL 66 PIECES shown in photo #1 - 9 bolts, 19 flat washers, 19 lock washers, and 19 nylon lock nuts. All bolts and nuts are the correct original specification fine thread.

The kit includes the nuts and washers necessary to bolt the IRS Metalastik muffler mounts to the main floor rails under the floor, AND the bolts, nuts, and washers needed to bolt the same Metalastik mounts to the dual muffler assembly. In the attached photo, from left to right:

Rows 1 & 2 - 4 groups of bolts, nuts, and washers to attach the Metalastik mounts at the mufflers assembly.

Row 3 - washers and nuts to attach the resonator mount to the boot floor.

Row 4 - 2 bolts to attach the Metalastik mount to the resonator mount.

Row 5 - 1 bolt to attach the Metalastik mount to the resonator tie plate.

Row 6 - 2 bolts to attach the resonator tie plate to the resonators themselves.

BONUS! - you can see that at every attachment point, I have included a black anodized lock washer. This is TOTAL overkill with nylon locknuts, but I have done it this way with exhaust attachment points my entire life - sometimes, the extreme heat can cause these attachments to loosen up, so it's a little extra insurance against that. You can choose to use them or not...

NOTE! - this kit does NOT include studs and brass nuts for attaching the exhaust manifolds to the cylinder head, nor does it includes the studs and brass nuts for attaching the head pipes to the exhaust manifolds.

Take a look at our E-Type MASTER KIT - over 9 POUNDS of Grade 8 Hardware for an incredible price!

Multiple bolt kit purchases CAN be combined and shipped together in ONE Small Flat Rate box to save on Shipping!

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