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Torsion Bar Shields - PAIR

Torsion Bar Shields - PAIR

  • $62.00

One new pair of aluminum shields that mount to the engine subframes, under the torsion bars of all Series 1, 1.5, and 2 E-Types. These are formed out of 5056 Aluminum, patterned after original panels, and are correct in every dimension, including the size and placement of the mounting holes.

These panels were originally aluminum, and painted a satin, or semi-gloss black. You can paint these black like the originals, or finish them by hand (or machine) to a satin finish, engine-turned, or buff them all the way up to a mirror finish – the choice is yours!

These panels keep road grime out of the engine compartment, and are also rumored to be necessary for proper cooling, but MANY E-Types are missing them! The original thin panels were easily damaged, and through the years, many sets of these were simply discarded. Replace yours today with PERFECT, NEW panels from Monocoque Metalworks!

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