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Complete Sill Closing Panel Kit - All 8 pieces

Complete Sill Closing Panel Kit - All 8 pieces

  • $245.00

This is a complete set of all 6 closing panels plus the 2 upper forward sill brackets for the air cleaner and battery tray. This set fits all Series 1, 1.5, and 2 Coupes (FHC) and Roadsters (OTS) - it DOES NOT FIT the 2+2 or Series 3 cars. Kit includes:

          Sill Closing Panel, Front - RH - BD15184

          Sill Closing Panel, Front - LH - BD15185

          Sill Closing Panel, Bulkhead - RH - BD28252

          Sill Closing Panel, Bulkhead - LH - BD28253

          Sill Closing Panel, Rear - RH - BD20162

          Sill Closing Panel, Rear - LH - BD20162

          Air Cleaner Canister Mounting Panel - RH - BD15187

          Battery Tray Mounting Panel - LH - BD15186

Delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

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