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Rear Wheel Arch Repair - Roadster (OTS) - RH

Rear Wheel Arch Repair - Roadster (OTS) - RH

  • $68.00

This piece is specifically designed for 6-cylinder E-Type Roadsters (OTS), although it can also be used on the Coupes (FHC) and 2+2.

Because Roadsters do not have an inner rear wheel well, they do not rust out above the rear wheel. They DO rust out in the bottom of the B-Post area, where the rear wing meets the outer sill - between the door and the rear wheel. You often need to repair this area in order to fit new outer sills.

Because you are working in an enclosed area, this is a difficult repair - any warpage or distortion that takes place from the welding cannot be addressed after the piece is in place. In order to prevent this, we make this piece from THICK 18-gauge steel - giving it enough strength to resist that warpage.

Delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

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