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Mudshields - ALUMINUM - PAIR

Mudshields - ALUMINUM - PAIR

  • $385.00

Shave some weight off your front end, and give your car that D-Type look under the bonnet!

Please specify 3.8-liter or 4.2-liter at checkout in the "notes" filed.

These are NEW ALUMINUM panels by Monocoque Metalworks. They are patterned after the original panels, and aside from the fact that they are formed out of .040 5056 Aluminum vs. the original’s 20-gauge (.036) mild steel, they are correct in every dimension. They weigh LESS THAN HALF of the original’s weight! These panels include matching “rubber fixing strips” made from the thicker .080 aluminum - for both these panels AND the forward end of the sill.

The original version of the LH mudshield was made out of two pieces of metal, with a vertical spot-welded seam. Structurally, this is unnecessary, and my assumption has always been that this was done at the factory to either get more panels out of a given sheet of steel, utilize waste material from other panels, or make it easier to make the bends on the brake they had available... This ALUMINUM reproduction is one continuous piece of metal.

The original version of the RH mudshield was made out of two pieces of metal, with three spot-welded tabs joining the two pieces. On this ALUMINUM reproduction, the two pieces are joined together directly from both sides with a TIG welder. You can leave the welds as-is, dress them up a little, or carefully file or grind them down completely on the top side to give this a "one-piece" look. The curvature of the upper section, and wire-edged construction is EXACTLY like the original. The stiffening wire is 1/8” steel, and is coated to prevent rust or reaction with and corrosion of the aluminum. The rubber-fixing strip for this side is hand formed to EXACTLY match the shape and curve of the panel, and then they are drilled for the rivets as a matched pair.

These panels are sold with an “unfinished” surface. The aluminum is soft, and they get some minor "bench rash" as they are being formed. You will see some tooling marks, sanding marks, and scratches, but no deep scratches or gouges. You can finish them by hand (or machine) to a satin finish, engine-turned, or buff them all the way up to a mirror finish – the choice is yours! My preferred finish is to wet sand them with 220 or higher grit, and then finish them off with a Scotch-Brite pad for the satin finish. OR, properly primed and painted, these would be virtually indistinguishable from the original steel mudshields.

 These are lightweight, “high-performance” components – they are among the few Monocoque Metalworks panels that are not exactly like the original pieces. If originality is most important for your restoration, our steel version of these panels ARE exactly like the originals – see our other auctions.

Satisfaction 100% GUARANTEED! All Monocoque Metalworks panels are guaranteed to be correct in every way, free of manufacturing defects, and suitable for use in a 100-point concours restoration. I guarantee that you will LOVE these - these are very carefully made, and are very accurate. They also have a definite "period" look and feel to them. You will probably start grinning from the moment you pick up the box off the front porch - they are FEATHER LIGHT!

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