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Forward Bulkhead Firewall - OTS & FHC - 6-cylinder

  • $1,245.00

Jaguar E-Type Forward Bulkhead "Firewall" - STEEL - BRAND NEW and PERFECT in every dimension!

This is a NEW forward bulkhead "firewall" panel for a Jaguar E-Type. We have been working on these off and on for FIVE YEARS, and they are finally ready to be offered as a complete piece!

Accuracy - We went to EXTREME lengths to get these right - and the patterning was VERY painstaking! I can assure you that they are correct in EVERY dimension! We used DOZENS of E-Type shells that have come through the shop over the years to pattern these for All of the various changes over the years, and let me tell you, they are EXACT!!!

I'm proud to say that the square and rectangular dished areas are absolutely correct, and really are works of art in themselves - the tooling required to do that so precisely was very time consuming to make! They are 100% guaranteed to fit your E-Type like a glove!

YOUR FIREWALL WILL BE BUILT TO ORDER - Please indicate your E-Type's year, etc. in the notes section of the shopping cart when checking out!

This auction price is for ONE COMPLETE firewall to fit the E-Type of your choice (see list below...). The firewall panel WILL include the RHD brake bottle bracket (small bracket with two threaded holes on RH side of car...), AND will also include a new engine stabilizer bracket (a $52 value), spot-welded to the firewall. ALL holes are the correct placement and size, and where required, holes have a nut welded behind them of the correct thread. In many cases, this is DOZENS of threaded holes - and they are ALL there and ALL correct!

UPDATE - 10/12/2016 - 3.8 E-Type firewalls are IN STOCK and ready to ship! These fit ALL 3.8 E-Types, OTS & FHC, including flat-floor cars.

The EXAMPLE firewall shown in photos #1 - #4 is a Series 2 OTS (roadster) firewall.

There are DOZENS of subtle changes in these panels over the E-Type's production run, and we know them ALL! We will not rest until we have fabricated a firewall panel for your E-Type that is EXACTLY what your car should have!

These are the E-Type firewalls that we CAN make for you:

  • Series 1, 3.8-liter OTS and FHC - including flat floor...
  • Series 1, 4.2-liter OTS and FHC
  • Series 1 & 1.5, 4.2-liter 2+2
  • Series 1.5 & 2, 4.2-liter OTS and FHC

These are the E-Type firewalls that we CAN NOT make - sorry:

  • Series 2, 4.2-liter 2+2
  • Series 3 - ALL

SHIPPING - we WILL ship these - WORLDWIDE!!!   EXPECT ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES for this large piece - call us in advance to discuss if you like.  We ship E-Type panels daily, and know how to pack them to prevent damage.

The firewall sections in photos #5 - #7 show what else we can do based on your needs - we can build the entire firewall, OR any portion of it that you need!  We can also custom Fabricate ANY section of the firewall - AND - we can also make ANY panel within the forward bulkhead as well!

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