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Engine Frame Lower Mounting Bracket - 2+2 - BD27597 - RH

  • $98.00

This is a pair of the FACTORY STYLE mounting brackets for the outer leg of the engine frame that goes on the forward end of the inner sill on all long-wheelbase E-Type 2+2's - and V-12 roadsters (OTS). 

If you are replacing the inner sill, you will DEFINITELY need these as well.  The originals are sandwiched to the forward end of the inner sills with ALOT of spot welds - they are virtually impossible to remove without the total destruction of one or both...

Other manufacturers do a very poor job on these - as always, ours are EXACT!

ANOTHER OPTION is to utilize our "Hidden Subframe" kit - which uses a different arrangement here, and utilizes heavy-wall tubing inside the sills and other boxed-in sections of the monocoque body tub. - Available in this store.

Delivered in fresh, bare steel - in heavy 16-gauge - coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

Alternate Manufacturer Part #'s - BD27597,  MRE010ARH,  MRE10ARH

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