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E-Type 3.8-liter Seat Frames - FHC - PAIR

  • $1,450.00

Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Roadster Seat Shells - STEEL - BRAND NEW and PERFECT in every dimension!

This is a NEW pair of steel 3.8 roadster seat shells for a Jaguar E-Type.  We just recently patterned the 3.8 Coupe and Roadster seats, and this is the first pair of roadster seats we fabricated and they came out GREAT!

Accuracy - We went to EXTREME lengths to get these right - and the patterning was VERY painstaking! I can assure you that they are correct in EVERY dimension! We used no less than EIGHT original seat frames to pattern these new seats, and let me tell you, the originals are pretty sloppily assembled and they are ALL just a bit different from one another... However, we took every precaution to make sure that these are correct, and they are 100% guaranteed to fit your E-Type - and a correct, quality interior kit - like a glove!

All details and dimensions are the same - including the rather overly complicated seat base design... INCLUDES a pair of steel brackets (not shown) that bolt the front and rear plywood sections of the covered seat bases together!

We have made three MINOR adjustments to construction method of these compared to the originals - and all three of them make the seats BETTER!!! NONE of these adjustments affects the dimensions or fitment of the seats - and all three are executed in the "style" of their original spot-welded constuction - AND - all three make the seat shell STRONGER! They are:

The original seat backs were one piece that was heavily stamped and crushed give it a kink in the middle of your back for lumbar support. To recreate this shape - EXACTLY - we have made the back in two pieces that are spot-welded together with a flange the same width as all of the other flanges in the rest of the seat. This actually makes the back of the seat stronger - adding much needed stiffness to the middle of the back of the seat at the base of the large hole in the back.

Rather than rolling in a strengthening bead in the lower section of the base, we have spot-welded in a raised strengthening rib of the same size, in thicker steel. It makes the base MUCH stronger than the original.

Our base is identical to the original - right down to the little half-round recesses for the forward mounting holes, but is made in two pieces with an extra seam at the top edge between the front and rear sections of the base. Spot-welded together and double thick here, it once again adds strength to the whole assembly.

Our website contains a lengthy blog on the construction of these seats, and shows one of these seats next to an original, and typically rusted out roadster seat. I believe you will agree that these are DEAD ON, and they are READY TO GO! Take them out of the box, wipe with solvent, paint, and cover!

SHIPPING - we WILL ship these - WORLDWIDE!!! EXPECT additional charges for this large item - you may want to coordinate shipping with us before-hand - especially for overseas customers.  These are available for shipping WORLDWIDE - but due to the size, it is probably best to have us ship them to a company that ships items to your country - which seems to be common practice with larger car parts going from the USA to overseas.

We ship E-Type panels daily, and know how to pack them to prevent damage.   We will use double-thick bicycle boxes (they are HEAVY DUTY - used to ship new "Trek" bikes...) filled with styrofoam peanuts for crush prevention.

These seat shells are BUILT TO ORDER - Please allow 2 weeks for construction.

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