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Door Upper Drip Tray - E-Type Series 1, 4.2 - OTS & FHC - RH

  • $85.00

Jaguar E-Type - Series 1 4.2-liter - all OTS (Roadster) and FHC (2-seat coupe) - RH Door Upper Drip Tray

This is a repair panel for the drip tray in the top forward section of the E-Type short-wheelbase door.

There are THREE styles of this drip tray - shown in Photo #2:

Top - early 3.8 up to about mid-1963.

Middle - late 3.8, Series 1 4.2-liter, and early Series 1.5 - this piece is that style.

Bottom - late Series 1.5 through Series 2.

This panel is patterned after an original E-Type door.  It is correct in every dimension - including the thickness, the location and angles of the bends and flanges, and the size, shape, and placement of the holes.

This panel does NOT include the small tube for the rubber hose - you should slice that little tube off of your existing drip tray and tack-weld it to this new piece before installation.

Delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

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