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Covered Headlamp Conversion Flanges - Series 1.5

Covered Headlamp Conversion Flanges - Series 1.5

  • $385.00

These are the flanges from our popular conversion kit that allows you to convert your Series 1.5 (or 1.25) open-headlamp E-Type bonnet to FACTORY SERIES 1 SPECS - which will then accept all stock factory Series 1 covered headlamp components.

These are the 4 conversion flanges ONLY! - Our complete kit comes with a pair of standard Series 1 headlamp diaphragm panels, standard Series 1 headlamp scoops (with a stronger rear edge/lip), and 4 of our conversion flanges.

The conversion flanges are pieces that are identical to the lip that holds the headlamp glass on a Series 1 car - they are basically the same piece you would get if you cut the stepped flange that holds the headlamp glass out of an original Series 1 bonnet. Here, we cut back the Series 1 bonnet about 1/4'", trim down our flanges a bit, and butt-weld them in with a TIG welder and then planish and grind the weld. However, the flanges are delivered with a 3/4" lip on the outer edge, over 90% of my customers who purchase these simply overlap the flanges with the existing skin of their bonnet - on the underside - and tack them around the edges. This works very well and requires very little filler and finishing if done properly.

Series 1.5 & 1.25 - on Series 1.5 cars, you CAN get by without repainting the bonnet. Obviously, these flanges are designed to be installed during the metalwork phase of a bonnet restoration. That being said, though, several customers have purchased these with the intent of gluing them in (again by overlapping on the underside) with a strong modern assembly adhesive. This would allow you to do the work without repainting the bonnet. In this case, you would need to fiddle with the flanges a bit more in the fitting stage, I'm sure, as you want a very tight fit so they do not come unglued, and while I make them as accurate as possible, and have not had a SINGLE return after selling well over 100 sets, they are hand formed and have slight variations here and there. They do come "long", and are designed to be trimmed down during the fitting.

Another option is to use the existing 1/8" diameter holes around the edge of the Series 1.5 opening, which are leftover from the rivets that hold the Series 1.5 bucket in place, to rivet in the conversion flanges. This is actually a GREAT alternative to welding, as it is much easier, you DO NOT have to repaint, and the car can be easily converted back to the factory Series 1.5 setup. One of the dealers that I work with has done several cars this way, and always includes all of the removed Series 1.5 buckets, diaphragms, trim, etc. in the boot of the car... I now recommend this as the BEST way to do this conversion on Series 1.5 cars!

After the flanges are in place, the diaphragms and scoops are simple bolt-in items just like a stock Series 1. If you purchase the kit, I can send more detailed "instructions" - really, it's just a collection of my responses to customers who wrote in with questions in the past, though again, 90% of them just do the work - it's pretty obvious what needs to be done. My notes also include part numbers for the headlamp glass, chrome, rubber, and Series 1 flat-back headlamp buckets. All of these parts can be purchased from the usual suppliers, and costs about $1,000 USD for everything, including shipping.

These flanges are delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.


NOTE:  Ask us about our unbreakable PETG (similar to, but better than Lexan...) covered headlamp lenses.  They are a great addition to this kit - they will allow you to attach the Series 1 chrome surrounds more uniformly, and they cost MUCH less than the reproduction glass lenses.

In addition, the original factory glass lenses have a very small "TripleX" logo on them that is barely noticeable - and not at all from just a few feet away, whereas the reproductions have a different, and HIUGE logo that is very distracting...  Our PETG lenses have NO logo - making them look much more correct overall...

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