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Complete Hidden Subframe Kit - Sill Gussets & HD Tubing

  • $395.00

Jaguar E-Type - Series 1, 1.5, & 2 - Short-wheelbase - Hidden Subframe KIT

This package contains everything you need to install our patented and copyrighted hidden subframe into the monocoque body shell of YOUR E-Type! - when shells are restored here in our shop, we "hide" heavy-wall tubing within the enclosed sections of the monocoque structure to stiffen and strengthen the shell. Our design has been perfected over 25 years of E-Type body shell restoration and racing - it WORKS! You can read through the description below and view the attached photos, or... our online blog entries will show you HUNDREDS of photos of this hidden subframe being installed into shells undergoing restoration in our shop!

This package includes ALL 14 PIECES shown in photo #1 - 6 pieces of heavy-wall tubing cut to length, 2 16-gauge rear sill gussets, 2 16-gauge forward sill gussets, 2 16-gauge forweard outer subframe mounts with welded nuts, and 2 16-gauge rear bulkhead stiffeners. These pieces may also be purchased separately - call for details.

This package REPLACES weak factory panels that cost just about the same price as this complete kit! The pieces in this kit are designed to replace ALL of the following factory pieces:

RH & LH Forward Inner Sill Stiffeners - BD16488,

RH & LH Rear Inner Sill Stiffeners - BD27754 & BD27755,

RH & LH Side Frame Lower Mounting Brackets - BD15159 & BD15160,

RH & LH Rear Floor Stiffener Brackets - BD22816 & BD22817,

Tunnel Stiffener under Center Floor - BD18368

We have perfected this design over 25 years of E-Type body shell restoration! First, we weld full-length pieces of heavy-wall rectangular tubing to the lower edge of the inner sills - hidden inside the sills. Next, we replace the flimsy 20-gauge factory sill gussets with our own special heavy-duty 16-GAUGE design that is notched to tie into the rectangular tubing. At the forward end of the sill tube, we eliminate the overly-complicated factory subframe mounts, and replace them with another piece of 16-gauge steel, with 4 welded nuts of the proper size in the proper layout = no more trying to line up two pieces on the inner and outer wall. Our piece also interferes with the inner carpeting and upholstery less than the original - AND - it ties the outer lower leg of the engine frames directly into a heavy tube of roll-cage strength that runs the length of the sill.

Next - we hide another piece of the same heavy-wall tubing under the crossmember that runs across the floors transversely inside the cockpit. This forms a large letter "H" at the floor of the cockpit, adding protection in a side collision to the occupants. The intersection of this tube and the sill tubes is DIRECTLY above the factory jacking point - crushed sills from jacking are a thing of the past!

Next - we turn our attention to solving the problems associated with the radius arm cups. Through constant pushing and pulling from acceleration and braking, these assemblies eventually tear out of the floor, taking the radius cup, upper brace, and a large section of the floor with them! We eliminate this by also welding a piece of tubing inside the rear lower bulkhead, between the inner sills and the driveshaft tunnel. You will notch these tubes to fit over the factory radius arm plate, and then install our special heavy duty rear bulkhead stiffeners. This assembly boxes in EVERYTHING back there, solving your radius arm problems FOREVER - while also substantially improving the connection between the floor assemblies and rear chassis legs that hold the IRS unit. When completed, you have essentially tied the engine frame rails directly into the IRS mounts via this subframe!

Finally - we replace the factory tie plate under the floor in the rear with another piece of the same heavy-wall tubing. This completes the side-to-side assembly within the rear bulkhead, is substantially stronger than the factory tie plate, and adds clearance under the floors for performance exhaust systems. This is the ONLY piece of the assembly that can be seen when the shell is in primer, but only from under the car.

The tubing that we use is roll-cage strength, and all gussets and stiffeners are 16-gauge - heavier than anything else on your monocoque! YES - the assembly will add approx. 28 pounds to your body shell... BUT - ALL of that additional weight is at the floor line - meaning that it LOWERS the center of gravity, and the assembly is situated more toward the rear of the car - shifting the weight distribution to the rear. BOTH of these are going to IMPROVE handling! PLUS - you are improving the engine subframe and radius arm mounts, and while I can't guarantee that it will save your life someday - you look at the pictures and decide if you would rather have this in there when you get broadsided...

On ROADSTERS, chassis flex is COMPLETELY ELIMINATED! There won't be any paint chips along the rear edges of the doors on YOUR E-Type if this kit is in there! And on coupes, the improvement is the same - or more!

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