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Bonnet Wing Repair Panel - Rear - Series 1 & 2 - RH

  • $185.00

This is one repair panel for the lower rear section on the LH front wing of a Series 1, 1.5, or 2 Jaguar E-Type.

Every dimension of this repair piece is PERFECT!  We put the correct curve into the panel, and also use the proper diameter steel rod (which is coated for rust prevention) for the wired edge. (see additional photos).  We have sold dozens of these repair panels - they are beautiful pieces and they really work out well.  They can also be used to help you align the lower edges of the wings with the rocker when re-installing the bonnet during a restoration.

These pieces are made long - front to back - by about an inch, and are designed to be trimmed along the back edge after they are installed.

These pieces are made to order.  Please specify a height up to 6 inches (the lower the better on these - 2-3 inches is ideal...).

Please also specify whether or not you would like a stepped edge along the top with a 5/8" wide flange.  This is used to overlap this piece with the existing wing on the inside of the wing.  You will then have to decide whether you are going to just leave that overlapped flange in place on the inside of the bonnet, or smooth that area on the inside of the bonnet with a thin layer of filler to conceal it.  Overlapping this piece in this way works VERY well - attempting to butt-weld it is only for the absolute best fabricators.

This panel is for Series 1 and 2 E-Types ONLY.  This DOES NOT FIT SERIES SERIES 3 - they take a special version of this piece which we DO make - also available in this store.

Delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

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