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Forward Bulkhead Top Panel - BD20957 - Scuttle

  • $1,485.00

Forward Bulkhead Top panel - also knows as the "scuttle" panel.

Fits All Series 1 and 1.5 E-Type FHC and OTS.

Our piece is formed with precise curves on the forward and rear edges, matching the factory panel EXACTLY.  Delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

This panel is also available in RH and LH halves - Contact us directly for details!  This panel is a nightmare to make, ship, handle, and is kind of tricky to install as well - so making it in two halves makes ALOT of sense!

The halves are IDENTICAL to the full piece, but are much easier for us to make and so there is a SUBSTANTIAL cost reduction.  The halves are also MUCH less expensive to ship, and can be easier for you to position and install.

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