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Bonnet Inner Valance Fillers - PAIR

Bonnet Inner Valance Fillers - PAIR

  • $32.00

This is a PAIR of NEW filler panels that mount between the inner bonnet valances (air ducts, inner fenders, etc.) and the flat headlamp diaphragm panel. These fill in a small approx. 2x4-inch space above the air tube where the valance meets with the headlamp diaphragms. Most people don't even realize these are up in there until they disassemble the bonnet and find these - usually badly rusted from years of road grime and salt, etc. When installed, they have small 1/2-inch strips of felt pop-riveted to the top and bottom edges. They are now manufactured by Monocoque Metalworks in 20-gauge steel as per the original and are absolutely correct in every dimension.

Delivered in fresh, bare steel coated in a light oil for rust-prevention, simply wipe down with solvent before priming.

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